Silva Training Server

Silva is a Content Management System (CMS) in use at many institutions, primarily in Europe, but also in the US and Australia. Almost all universities in Britain now have a CMS to help 'look after' their brand as well as make support easier.

A CMS allows you to manage your website easily.

Silva Features

  • Silva allows you to edit web pages through a web browser.
  • Silva provides the UCL's corporate identity templates plus a range of features for you to personalise it (a little bit!).
  • Silva provides work-flow tools allowing you to designate editing tasks with various roles e.g. Chief Editor, Editor, Author roles.
  • Silva Documents are versioned documents.  This means your older versions are not lost but can be restored and you can happily work on pages without affecting the public view.
  • Silva provides Access Management tools so you can manage who can view your web pages and who can edit them.
  • Silva uses UCL's central userid/password system.
  • Silva provides the Silva News Network system where you can maintain a News/Events system that also provides RSS feeds for your news and a sophisticated Subject/Audience filtering system. 
  • Silva allows you to pull in RSS feeds from external sources.
  • Silva allows you to import images in bulk.


See the Silva Support site for details of the available support options.